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Roll Camera! The B-Movie Expansion

Keep the cameras rolling with this jam-packed genre-rific expansion to Roll Camera! 


  • A new "genre" system featuring tokens for five genres (Western, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Crime), new action spaces for the main board, and new "middle" script cards to bring a whole new challenge to the game
  • 6x new double-sided player roles: VFX Supervisor, Production Assistant, Makeup Artist, Composer, Sound and Stunt Coordinator
  • 75x (!!) new scene cards, all with unique artwork, each with a genre twist
  • 10x brand-new Equipment cards offering additional dice placement options
  • Lost more Problem, Idea, and Production Company cards that interact with the new genre mechanism
  • ...and a few more surprises!

The B-Movie Expansion components are designed to fit in the base game's GameTrayz insert (cards unsleeved). If you plan to do this, pending availability you can opt for the recyclable carton version for guilt-free expansion box tossing (recyclable box version is out of stock in the USA).

Winner of the 2023 UKGE Award for Best Expansion and nominated for a 2022 BGG Golden Geek Award.

This expansion requires the base game to play!

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