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Roll Camera! Super Hero Story Pack

Roll Camera! Story Packs give a little thematic cinematic boost to your madcap movie-making, with all-new components and a small rules twist.

The Super Hero Story Pack contains 22 brand new cards (15 superhero-themed Scenes, 1 Production Company, 1x Equipment card, 2x top and 2x bottom Scripts, 1x setup/rules card) and 5x CGI tokens, all filled with new original artwork.

What's new: shooting a superhero film requires a lot of CGI, so there's a new rule: every time you shoot you must add a CGI token to the scene card, and take a separate new action to render them off again. The game isn't over until all the CGI's been rendered, so you might need the new VFX Supercomputer Equipment card to get the job done right!

This Story Pack can be played as an isolated module, replacing certain main game components for a highly thematic one-off game, or simply mixed in with the rest of the game. Requires the base game to play.

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