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Roll Camera! Murder Mystery Story Pack

Roll Camera! Story Packs give a little thematic cinematic boost to your madcap movie-making, with all-new components and a novel rules twist.

The Murder Mystery Story Pack contains 32 brand new cards (10x whodunnit-themed Scenes, 3x Idea cards, 3x Problem cards, 1x Equipment card, 15x Suspect cards, all filled with new original artwork), as well as a new main board action tile and 2x "backdrop strips" for the new Suspect mechanism.

What's new: GASP! The screenwriter of your murder mystery movie has been...MURDERED! Even worse, they were keeping the ending to their whodunnit script a secret until shooting began, so you don't know who the fictional culprit is. And every character is a suspect...

Use the new Backdrop tiles to eliminate Suspect characters from your movie based on where you place the Camera dice on Set while shooting. Also includes new Problems, Ideas and Equipment cards that all impact the new mechanism while still being backwards compatible with the base game!

This Story Pack can be played as an isolated module, replacing certain main game components for a highly thematic one-off game, or simply mixed in with the rest of the game and any of its expansions. Requires the base game to play.

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